ComicScene Issue 1 - 12

60 GBP

Includes digital version one week before publication and additional gifts throughout the year. Postage added on booking.

In Issue 1

  • Why Doesn’t Someone Bring Back Eagle? by John Freeman
  • Professor Peabody from Dan Dare by Richard Sheaf
  • Unhidden Genders by Steve Tanner
  • Vertigo at 25 by Luke Williams
  • Karen Berger Interview by Joel Meadows
  • Emma Beeby Mata Hari by Karl Stock
  • Angels by Fred McNamara
  • The Vigilant by Stephen Jewell
  • Octobriana by Tim Hayes
  • Minnie the Mix by Martin Dallard
  • 40 years of Misty by Dr Julia Round
  • Untold History of Toxic Part 2 by John McShane
  • Supercats by Olivia Hicks (2000AD Sci Fi Special)
  • Whakoman
  • Slaine free 8 page supplement by Pat Mills
  • Cat Girl by Martin Dallard
  • Doctor Who companions by Ian Wheeler
  • Behind the scenes of the 2000AD Sci Fi Special by Richard Bruton
  • Judge Anderson by Chris McAulay
  • Fay Dalton by Chris McAulay
  • Liam Sharp on Wonder Woman by Stephen Jewell
  • Susie Gander by Tony Esmond
  • Sarah Laing by Stephen Jewell
  • Rachael Smith interview Part 1 by Richard Bruton
  • Captain Scotland
  • Kids from Rec Road by Peter Doree
  • Marie Duval by Richard Sheaf
  • Velda by Olivia Hicks
  • Bella at the Bar by Chris McAulay
  • Yvonne Hutton on Roy of the Rovers by Richard Sheaf
  • 50 years of ComicCon by Richard Bruton
  • Pat Mills Last Word on the Death of the Pink Plastic Princess – Girls Comics revisited.
  • Next Issue Beano at 80